Hardest Battles are given to the Strongest Soldiers - our fight against COVID19

You and we are those warriors ! We know these are the times when everything seems to be destabilising, fear spreading faster than the virus, and hopes are dwindling. But we will not yield !
We will win this war and get through it. However, the cost is dear and those who are helpless in these times suffer the brunt of this pandemic. We, at Drapvision, are doing everything within our reach to help the needy with whatever means we can.
As business, we have and still are incurring tremendous losses as our entire manufacturing had been shut down and now slowly the re-opening, but we are going along with the government’s decision as we all are fighting for a greater cause. We do understand, that when the dust settles, we all will have a lot to catch up with.
Our plan is to make our products available to our customers at very very low prices with bare minimum profits (hairline). We have also launched our customized printing solution so that you can do your brand promotion through distribution of premium stationery to your clients or can simply get a premium giveaway stationery for a long-awaited get together party with a very small and limited budget.
We request you to please keep yourself and your loved ones safe. The stationery revolution along with us all, will bounce back with a bigger bang !
In case of any queries, please do contact us at support@drapvision.com

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