The story behind the Stationery Revolution

Yes, this is indeed the next big thing. We started this revolution because we came across the following:
1. The premium stationery available in the market were extremely pricey and we realised that we cannot buy them for regular daily purpose work
2. The prices seen on the websites did not include GST and Shipping, and we were scared when we saw the final checkout amount
3. The so-called premium notebooks weren't exactly premium when arrived, and it broke our heart :-(
So, with all our heart, love and passion, we came forward and made our own way. We, at Drapvision, put all our endeavours to design and make notebooks that are truly premium without a fiery price tag and clandestine charges ( yes, of course GST and Shipping !)
Our products are all ultra-premium and the prices you see on the screen are the final prices, no ADDITIONAL charges on top !
Our designs are unique, pretty, adorable
Our paper quality is amazing
Our covers are all in HD quality with premium dual side lamination
We offer personalisation at no extra cost
Our prices are ground-deep low
So, we put in all this into a revolution and are spreading it outrageously because paper is love and loves needs spreading.
Thank you for reading this ! If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. The buttons for directly calling are on top bar of this page. You can email, WhatsApp or call us.
A lovely day ahead to you.
Cheers ! :-)

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